best time to visit Malaysia

When is the best time to visit Malaysia? Here we are going to talk about when you visit Malaysia. Seasons differ from one side to another because of Malaysia’s Location and geographical shape. So, the best time to visit the country can vary.

If you are planning to visit the Malaysian island on the west side of Malaysia is between the months of February and December. And if you are planning to visit the East coast like Perhentians and Tioman Island than June and August are the best time to go there. Let me take you through each island’s best time to go.

When to visit Tioman Island:

On the East side of Malaysia, duty-free Tioman Island which is quite close to Singapore. If you want to visit Tioman Island then you visit there in summer. In the month of summers, the island is relatively quieter when other travelers and backpackers are partying on Perhentian Island on the other side of Malaysia.

When to Visit Langkawi:

One of the busiest and popular Islands is Pulau Langkawi. It hits the high season in January, February, and December when the weather is best. Jellyfish is a constant problem for swimmers throughout the year. They are mainly a nuisance between October and May.

  • Seeing Sight:

In the months November to March is best for sightseeing. This is the time when you are most likely to catch the least amount of rain. You can also visit the Petronas and Twin towers which are in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Beaches: 

All over the year, you can visit the beach. You can expect rain showers daily. On the East coast the best time to visit, the beach is from March to September. It is typically drier than the rest of Malaysia during these months. As the heaviest showers are from September to October, for the west coast visit from November to August.

  • Honeymoon

In the east coast, honeymoons are ideal at resorts. The best weather you can get in September and March to Mid May. Fewer crowds and lower prices with minimal rain.
  • Diving and Snorkelling: 

Best time for diving and snorkeling on the west coast in November and August. If you want to visit the Eastern Peninsula the best time is March to September.

Best time to visit Perhentian Islands:

One of the ideal and lifeblood islands is Pulau Perhentian. The best time is to visit this Island during the march to November in the dry season. You will not be able to get there in the rainy season, mostly no one on the Island and it remains empty. Even that business remains closed during that period. The rainy season is during the month of July. You need to book your place in advance there. 

Best time to visit Pulau Redang islands:

The best time to visit the Island, Pulau Redang is during the month of April to October. October is not the best time to be too late to visit. During the monsoon which is from November to March, the Island water inside not so bad, but visibility not so good on that day. It seems that there are too much crowded on public holidays and school holidays.

 Best time to visit Pangkor islands:

When is the best time to visit Pangkor Island? Here is some information that will you make a decision to go there:

  • The best to visit Island is from January to April and August to November.
  • It is hot all over the year.
  • Rainiest months are November and December.
  • The temperature of the Sea is suitable for swimming all over the year.

Best Time to Visit Sibu Island:

Sibu is one of the famous Islands for spending holidays and weekends. Malaysian, Singapore Public to book in advance for their holidays. The best time to visit Sibu Island typically starts from November and remain till February. The rest are not operating during this month. Some of the Resorts are reopened during the New Year and on Chinese New year.

  • The rainiest month of Sibu Island is December.
  • The warmest months of Sibu Island start from February and remain till November
  • Good Months weather in January, February, March, June, and August.

Best time to visit Labuan Island:

The best time to visit Labuan Island is between the months of February and November. There you can do various outdoor activities and can enjoy it. March to October dry season. There is a little chance of rain to visit on Labuan Island. You may face a crowd. As compared to March, in April there is less chance of rainstorms.

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